Strengthening duties owed by organizations to their clients

Non-compliance with the GDPR may result in corporations being penalized up to Euro 20, million or 4% of the annual global turnover whichever is higher.

On a separate note, it is worthy to point out that because the GDPR is an EU Regulation, it has direct effect in all EU Member States and it therefore binds and applicable in each Member State without any need of national legislation enactment.

In compliance with the GDPR organizations that process personal data, should regularly, review, analyze, and test the workability and sufficiency of their existing Data Protection and Privacy Programs. Identification of gaps and their solution to meet compliance with GDPR is now an integral part of the workflow.

Regular and prompt implementation of appropriate technical measures, relevant agreements with third parties processors of information is a key future in complying with the GDPR policies and procedures.

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