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In achieving and planning GDPR compliance measures by an organization regards needs to be taken to its industry sector to meet organizational needs.  Because the GDPR is not only a matter of EU and national legislation but also a matter of Information Technologies (IT), we provide our advice in close cooperating with our IT and legal experts to reach in-depth solutions requiring both legal and IT specialization.

Thus your cooperation with us on the GDPR related issues will reduce the risk for your organization to be involved in expensive and time-consuming procedures for investigating your organization by the regulatory body for non-compliance or partial compliance with the regulations and penalties and/or liability for damages involved partial or non-compliance with the GDPR.

You will minimize the organizational risk of reputational loss and breach of personal data processing legislation.

  • Data Protection Officer – assisting with data subjects requests providing back-office support (in case your organization may need to outsource such services);
  • Gap Analysis – periodic audit during which testing and effectiveness of your organization safeguard measures performed and gaps become apparent for further treatment;
  • Data Inventory and Mapping;
  • Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA);
  • Training and Awareness-raising personal data awareness for employees of your organization;
  • Legal Advice – assistance in the assessment of incidents and incident response processes including response drafting;
  • Drafting and reviewing Legal Agreements (Data Protections Agreements, Processor Agreements, etc.);
  • Client Representation to the Supervisory Authority – cooperation with the supervisory authority on your behalf, if needed.

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