Shareholders’ agreements

Thoughtful planning requires for a new business establishment. We ensure that all necessary provisions and measures taken at all corporate levels to support your business growth and development while securing your shareholding rights in the company are in place by drafting appropriate agreements including but not limited to: shareholders’ agreements, Options, IP rights protection, and confidentiality agreements and so on.

Shareholders’ Agreements are designed to be concluded between the shareholders of the company to protect each shareholder interests held in the company and investments made in the company respectively by setting out in detail how the company will be managed and operated.

Shareholders’ agreements are drafted to secure the corporate structure of the company and its functioning. Thus properly designed Shareholder’s Agreements ensures compliance with obligations and rights’ entitlements enshrining these in statutory documents thus safeguarding rules for eliminating disputes.

Our experienced team of associated lawyers individually approach, design and draft shareholders’ agreements that would suffice your requirements concerning the corporate structure of your company, including but not limited to each shareholder’s voting rights, decisions taken in the company on par with shareholders’ contributions, dividends’ entitlements, and performance of respective obligations. Appointment of directors and directorship mechanism, transfer of shares rules and rights attached to each share (as the case may be), shareholders’ reserve matters, issuance of shares at a premium, an increase of capital on par with terms of new subscriptions all these and other matters are subject to Shareholders’ agreement conditions as may be agreed between shareholders of a company.

Having shareholders’ agreement in place will undoubtedly safeguard your interests and will allow certainty to the future development of your company as well as will ensure shareholders’ rights, interests, and entitlements respectively.

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