Registering amendment of the Articles of Association

Similarly to the filing of the amendments of the Memorandum of Association a company may submit the resolution for the amendment of the articles of association, either through the electronic filing system of the Registrar of Companies or deliver the hard copies by hand.

To complete such a filing the following documents need to be submitted to the Registrar of Companies along with the special resolution:

  • the amended articles of association;
  • the relevant fee

In case the documents are in a language other than Greek a certified translation of resolution and Articles of Association in the Greek language required; such a translation may be arranged by an affidavit or by a sworn translator of the Republic of Cyprus, which our office will be happy to assist you with to facilitate the process;

Assuming that the Registrar of Companies is satisfied with documents filed and have no further queries/additional request on the matter, the changes will be registered and the file of the company updated.

Finally, as result of the amendments made Registrar of Companies issuing certified copies of the amendment of regulations.

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