Tax benefits

In complying with all EU and OECD AML and BEPS requirements Cyprus still maintaining its attractive corporate tax rate at 12.5% on net profits on par with numerous types of income tax exemptions, such as:

  • income from dividends;
  • profit generated from the sale of shares;
  • foreign exchange differences (subject to exceptions of companies involved with the trading in foreign currencies / foreign currency derivatives).

Moreover, there are no withholding taxes on payments of the following types of income from Cyprus to foreign person:

  • dividends
  • interest
  • royalties
  • National Interest Deduction (NID) on new capital

Over 60 double-tax treaties define Cyprus as an efficient country from economic and political perspectives and strengthen Cyprus attractiveness for international companies’ headquarters establishment and Foreign Direct Investments schemes (FDI).

These and other advantages are serious considerations for a business to re-domicile to Cyprus.

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