Removal from the Registry of the country of initial incorporation of the Company

Within a six months period from the date of the temporary certificate of continuity issuance to the foreign company is obliged to submit to the Department of Registrar of Companies evidence (e.g. a Certificate of Discontinuance or an equivalent document) issued by the competent authority of the country of the foreign company initial incorporation that it has ceased to be a company registered in the country of initial incorporation.

It should be noted that in case the foreign company does not submit the above – mentioned evidence within the time frame defined by the Law, the Department of Registrar of Companies may proceed to:

(i) deletion of the foreign company’s name from the register and inform the competent authority of the country of incorporation of the foreign company about the registration rejection in Cyprus, or

(ii) allowing an extended period of three months for the submission to the Registrar of Companies of such evidence in the event where a reasonable cause cost the delay for the evidence provided within the time frames defined by the Law.

In case if that information is not provided within the three months period, no further extension period shall be allowed and the procedure provided for in  (i) above shall be followed immediately.

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